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    Default Round 3 Results

    Congratulations to Colm P on the win tonight. Harry in second, averaging under 8 minutes a lap, and Colm O'B taking third. A few mechanicals left us with 4 DNFs - better luck next week folks.

    33 riders out in super dry conditions. The new end to section 3 is like cycling in flour - it needs a few hundred more laps to bed in.

    Thanks to Ronan on keyboard, Tara on vocals/notebook, and Ben for starter. And of course Terry and Erica for cheering us all on.

    Results are in Excel -
    and in pdf - Round 3 Epic League 2020.pdf
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    Well done starters /timers. Great night for racing. Good to see other club riders taking part.there's also a 3 rock loop after, if anyone fancies it.

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    Below is a link to Rd 3 lap 1

    Apologies for the ckicky noise I forgot to tape up the clip in my helmet,

    More laps to follow over the course of the day.

    Go Pro cuts the clips into smaller videos and I need to figure out how to stich them together.

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