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Thread: Good luck to CX Nationals Racers!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Enduro View Post
    Did anyone enjoy it....!?

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    Not even remotely

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    As to the question" Any enjoyment"
    The answer is a big YES

    The number one thing I will have taken away from the weekend is the great sense of community and friendship from all the riders and participants over the week end think this is largely due to the fact that the event was held in a small town where everybody was staying and the only topic in town was cx racing.

    Great credit must be given to Ballina CC for running the event and upping the standard and profile of CX racing with live streaming of event, power washers and water for all in the pits, post race showers, choice of food vendors burgers,chips,pizzas,crepes,tea and cake special accommadion rate in local Diamond coast Hotel 70 euro for two B/B

    The sat racing had the under 6 to under 16 races
    Daragh O'Keffe rode the under 12's , showing the rest of us no matter what the weather or conditions get out there on your bike sure can only put a smile on your face... under the mud

    The Sunday racing started of with the junior race follow by the M40,M50,M60 with Colm, John and myself one in each category backed up with Donouh, Paul with Richard on the power washer hugh thanks and credit to the lads keeping the riders going with clean bikes really appreciated getting a clean bike at every half lap really lighten the load when bike carrying with out the biking washing not sure finishing would have being possible

    In the Elite Race Paul went of to battle in a 7 lap race absolutely brilliant to watch and not for the faint heart
    My race had 10 signed up and 9 chose to ride from the start line Johnny took off being chased by Chris and myself at the top off the first hill both pulled away from me
    leaving me in third which I remained being chased by Fred then Martin till the end so happy days going home like John with a Bronze medal.

    As to the course certainly different to what I have being riding all year , would have said yesterday would have being 50/50 on off bike with some hard uphill carries then again was the same for everybody.

    So there you are Yes I enjoyed my weekend on and off the bike


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    Brilliant Terry, it was a great weekend, 1 thing I took from it was that some were beaten after practice on Saturday with heads low, as you said it was the same for everyone but approach is key mentally, can't wait till next season, each year gets better and better. Good luck to all

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    Well done again everyone & what a great post race report Terry. Seeing all the reports & photos on social media etc. all thru the season is really making me want to do cyclo-cross.... & uh oh yes buy another new bike!

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    I thoroughly enjoyed watching the races, but having ridden/jogged/walked/crawled a few laps Saturday evening I can certainly understand why lots would have been questioning why they were doing it. It was after all the CX nationals and the course was always going to be hard and test competitors to the max in all aspects of their preparation, tactics and delivery on the day. You have to admire all those that went well. People who were strong in all aspects of CX did well. It would have been murder for a chancer like me.

    I hope if people who could go well didn’t go well they’ll have a think and let it sink in and be stronger for it next year. It’s in Ulster and if it’s in some places like Lurgan the ground will be heavy. The Ulster crew don’t mind the running either with spots 2-4 in main race after Davey Conroy, 1 & 2 in M50, 1st in M40 all from up north.

    I’d agree with Terry, the weekend was great craic. Be great for XC MTB TO replicate. Maybe a nations in Laois, Ballyhoura or Coolaney could do it.

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    Personally I enjoyed doing the pits for the Masters far more than race. I would have a different view to everyone. I don't want to be a grouch or anything but I honestly think the course was sub standard and not really fit for purpose. I would hope that the mistakes made in the recce can be learned and it doesn't happen again. I can see how people enjoyed their weekend and all and it is a lovely part of the world, but for me driving across to the West Coast and not using a beach and not being able to ride a bike just wasn't something that impressed me. Don't get me wrong, the club did a great job and I don't blame them for the course conditions. But accepting that course would be a step backwards in my opinion. The TV thing was a huge step forward though but it would have been better if some crowds turned up too. I'm sorry if this upsets a few people but I have to say what I think otherwise this Irish mentality of blaming weather etc. and saying there's nothing that could have been done just doesn't cut it. I don't mind a challenging course but that was just crap. Anyway rant over. Well done to all the club for their results and the work in the pits. It was a challenge but we worked well as a team. EPIC racing is not dead even though the numbers at the races are dwindling!


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