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Thread: Cyclocross Oldcastle CC Kells Sunday Nov 4rh

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    Ah lads ,for those who were thinking of going, ye missed out. Super dry trails of natural forest, spiral and semi mtb trails. Well done to Paul, who has been knocking on the door for the last few races. All thanks to Oldcastle cc. Dave , Mick and Niall flat out racing. that's probably the last of the dry cx season.

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    What John said - it is a great course and well worth the short journey. The forest section is fantastic, a few sharp climbs and descents, lots of roots, the spiral is good (big enough that you don't get dizzy), and there is a short section of rough grass - by the time the Regionals come around it should be well smoothed out.

    The racing was great. There was always someone to chase until the second last lap when I was out on my own happily grinding it out and then out of nowhere three lads were reeling me back in. Wheel-to-wheel racing right the way to the finish, deadly :-)

    Congrats to Paul and John on two very strong performances.

    Roll on next weekend and more CX fun in the GAP - it looks like it'll be a muddy one :-)


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