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Thread: Buy A Grand Canyon AL SLX 9.9

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    Hi Everyone,

    I am new in this forum so, I introduce myself first :)
    I am an italian biker, living in Dublin since 1 year. I am about to buy a Canyon, Grand Canyon AL SLX 9.9.

    Anyone bought a Canyon here and had problems with the delivery in Ireland?
    I am concerned specially about the delivery and the timing of it...

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    Before you put in your credit card details on the Canyon website, try shopping local first, plenty of good advice and great brands at Expert Cycles..
    Sur la Plaque!

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    Hi I had a Canyon delivered no problem, arrived via Fed Ex. I think delivery delay depends on the demand for bike model at the time. A friend in the U.K did have a long wait. I think website gives you estimated delivery date when ordering. Buy a spare derailleur hanger along with bike its cheaper (no delivery cost)


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