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Thread: Access to EPIC's forum

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    Exclamation Access to EPIC's forum

    As of January 2014 all new users must register with either real names or ones which makes sense.

    This is in an effort to combat spam user accounts. If you really really want to have names like 29ersSuckBalls_69 you may/will be deleted Immediatelyor re-named without notice.

    Any new sign up's with 0 post counts after 2 weeks will be deleted in order to prevent Spam, so say hello and introduce yourself, after all this is a club forum where we all know each other, this is not!

    Any new club members who have recently joined EPIC MTB, please make yourself known to a member of the committee and we will add you to the Members/Full access list..

    Guests of EPIC who go on our spins and generally support the club can be added to the (members) Spins forum once we know who you are..

    Anyone else who is not a paid up EPIC member or a non-contributing MTB'er will of course have basic access only to the public forums.

    Please register by sending an email with your chosen username to:

    Any issues, please contact a member of the committee ..
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    All Admin forum related issues, please PM me.

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    Updated: Forum access / new accounts must be approved by the Forum Admin before posting - Any accounts with Zero posts will be deleted after 2 weeks...

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