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Thread: coillte being sold off to the swiss!!

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    ColinB Guest


    Cheers Lads

    So the real issue here is that we don't know Helvetia's policy with regard to access.

    I know there is a directive in place that says a certain percentage of forest land must be given for recreational use, now I'm not sure if that's state owned forest or all forest. (this ties in with club trails and the man made stuff)

    I appreciate that there are further issues, apart from access, but I'd hate to think that we would be denied access or prosecuted for using the trails.

    I remember hearing something on the news when this first came to light and from what I understood Helvetia were only interested in the accessable lands, they weren't interested in the hill top stuff or any of the open fell lands that coilte also owned.

    Do we still have an access person on the MTB commission ?

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    ColinB Guest


    ha ha ha.... ehh yeah we do have someone on the commission.... I was talking to him earlier

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    The_Happy_Fairy Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by ColinB View Post
    Do we still have an access person on the MTB commission ?
    We do indeed, he's a useless fcuk though, so don't go asking him.

    I don't have answers to everyone’s questions, but I do have answers to some of them. To begin with Coillte don't know what’s going to happen, they are not in the loop. Secondly unless polls are completely mad we will have a FG / Labour coalition by the end of tomorrow. If that’s the case the started policy from them that the will retain Coillte and merge it with Board na Mona.

    If they are just lying and sell it anyway, well then no one knows what will happen. It will come down to the terms of the sale. I would imagine any government will be under huge pressure to keep access open and not be seen to be selling off a chunk of our country to some foreigners. So I would think they would try very hard to impose the existing recreational policies on the new owners.

    The one thing to bear in mind is that any new owner will be a profit minded organisation. We are without doubt the user group with the greatest potential for revenue generating facilities. My gut would say that if all of a sudden it was all about the bottom line then small unprofitable forest, like all the ones around Dublin, would be looked at for recreational potential and we might even see an increase in access in certain areas, trail facilities, toll boots etc. On the other hand some of the larger plantations in the midland and Sothern Wicklow would be fenced off and managed solely as a crop.

    But I'm just guessing.
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    We may no longer have any rights to anything on their property as it will
    be private land from then on.
    The forests are now owned by a private limited company, whose current shareholder just happens to be the government. The public has no rights other than the general one in the 1988 Forestry Act of some sort of amenity.
    I'd just as soon have Coillte run by a Swiss investment company, if access were guaranteed.

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    ColinB Guest


    BOOM... that's what the f*ck I'm talkin bout...... eeehem

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    Celticdavey Guest


    Go go gadget Google

    The group which may try to buy Coillte are the International Forestry Fund there made up of I.F.S. Asset Managers Ltd and Helvetia Wealth AG who seem to be two investment companies.

    The closest thing to any mention of access on the International Forestry Fund website is:
    "The International Forestry Fund is committed to sustainable and socially responsible managed timber plantations which generate solid returns for its investors whilst remaining cognisant of its corporate, social and environmental responsibilities."

    IFS Assett Managment has a vision but it doesn't include Mountain biking,hillwaking etc.

    International Forestry Fund:
    Helvetia Wealth AG:
    IFS Asset Managers:

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    Now young people, you fret unneccessarily..
    First of all fcuk them all and let God sort them out. I'm at this longer than most of you are alive and we have never had access.
    We have always been denied access because of Irelands morbid obsession with litigation.
    I've personally had to endure some really dreary waffle about our rights and who owns the Irish landscape and its never stopped me and tons of others, i don;t believe for one minute Colin that it would have any effect on you , either.
    Sure wasn't I on RTE News with Samantha the Sexy giving Coillte grief and having Dan WOlfe jump over the fireroad in Ticknock on National News..
    Now look what we have trailswise.
    Cop on to yourselves and ride your women and your bikes. Leave the Politics to the mature and the dead !!
    We were threatened with bye laws and internment.. and people in green fleeces.
    I was actually told by a Coillte overlord that we would only have Ballinastoe and nowhere else.
    Fight the Power kids..
    As far as Coillte has been concerned they are private landowners anyway !

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    Redbeard Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by Billybobs View Post
    "Does anyone know the answers to these questions?"

    Well you answered this one yourself as Bertie knows all as he has become Chairman of the " International Forestry Fund" a wing of Helvetia Wealth but up until recently (The announcement of the Public Tender for the purchase of Coillte) bertie seemed to be
    denying that it was even on the the cards.

    I'm sorry, but you're a being a bit misleading with that comment. The government tender is for the valuation of Coillte, not the purchase of Coillte. There is quite a large difference between the two.

    Also, I'd agree with Sean in that the likelyhood is for a Fine Gael/Labour government after tomorows election, so the sale of certain state/semi-state assets is unlikely to be on the cards any time soon. But if there was to be a sale of a state asset, it must go through both houses of the oireachteas for approval before ant sale goes ahead. And regardless of what make-up of government we will have, they will be very cautious when it comes to that first sale.

    Sorry for ranting a bit Richie.......

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    Rant all you want Conor, I've seen you on a bike and I had a good nonsensical rant myself..too much sense hurts my head !
    At the end of the day who really gives a sh1t..they tell us no Mountainbiking here, there, over there , around there , no not there, definitely not there !!
    Do we go " ok " !!
    No we don't.
    Fcuk me the biggest crime against mtbing is people who ride bikes dressed like goons and who think there are downhill trails on 3 rock !!

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    Billybobs Guest



    Sorry Byrner I'm back to wreck your head again.....Cheer up all my election crap will be over tomorrow

    : )

    Coillte even if it was sold for 1 Billion it would probably make that money back in the length time it takes to grow one of its trees not just because of profit from existing business but from the fact that they've recently been given a licence to provide 400 megawatts of electricity, it will be second only to the ESB for power production.

    Coillte Announces €9.2m Profit for 2008

    Coillte profits for 2007 up 79% to €40.1 million, from €22.46 million in 2006

    Coillte Profits up by 14% in 2006 to €22.46 million from €19.65 million in 2005

    Coillte Profits up 13% in 2005 Coillte reported a profit of €48.51 million,

    Coillte Profits up 37% in 2004 up €35.07 million,

    So I ask why is Bertie doing us this great service

    Well heres what Bertie Ahern said in 1996, while in opposition:

    "The public are entitled to have an absolute guarantee of the financial probity and integrity of their elected representatives, their officials and above all of Ministers. They need to know that they are under financial obligations to nobody." (Dáil Éireann transcript, December 1996)

    Years later Bertie is forced into saying what he really thinks at The Mahon Tribunal

    "What I got personally in my life, to be frank with you is none of your business. If I got something from somebody as a present or something like that I can use it."

    That pretty much sums Bertie up.

    So is it a good thing that Bertie Ex-leader brings to bare his pressure and influence on old pals in government to sell off one of the states largest assets.

    I'm pretty sure I'll be voting Green

    or maybe

    Sinn Fein


    Under Payments controversy / Mahon Tribunal


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