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Thread: EPICmtb Beginner spin Sat 8th May 10am Djouce woods

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    gazpw Guest

    Default EPICmtb Beginner spin Sat 8th May 10am Djouce woods

    Ok people, very impressed with the turn out of the last spin and with the standard of riding, i would like to see this again and keep these spins going forward.
    These spins are aimed to showing you just the kind of fun and the amount of fun you can have with general mtbing, the best sport in the world.
    Everyone's welcome.
    Also if i could get my usual couple of helpers that would be brilliant (Karl, Sham, Silvia, Colm etc)
    You will need a Helmet (not a full face )
    2 Tubes
    a minipump
    1 Multitool
    power links
    gels, bananas, multigrain bars, power bars or whatever you are happy with fuelling up for the trails.
    Water or go juice..
    you can wear body armour if you want (but not needed, it's too heavey and hot)
    Full finger MX style gloves ( not ski gloves)
    Bring a rain Jacket if you have one to be safe
    Thats it..
    Oh yeah and a bike thats in good working order (most important that one, don't want to spend most of the morning repairing peoples bikes).
    If you have any questions don't be afraid to ask, either on here or you can PM me.
    Hope to see you there.

    The spin will be leaving at 10am



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    rich o'neill Guest


    How long does spin usually last.

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    karlos Guest


    Good man Gaz il be there to help you

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    May 2007


    Sorry Gary, I cant make this one, am heading over to Ae for the weekend. Hope the leg is getting better!

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    gazpw Guest


    Richi the spin normaly lasts for about 2 1/2hrs, it will be great fun.
    Thanks Karl, always great to have you along, no problem at all Silvia, hope you have fun. The legs is fairly sore at the mo and turning black, went for a check up this morning and it's just baldy bruised, the Doc said no biking for atleast 2 weeks, when i stopped laughing i said i'd think about it ha ha.

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    rich o'neill Guest


    Great. Was at the last one but snapped rear derailleur 10yards in on first descent(about 20mins into spin).. all fixed and have been lost around Djouce a few times since.. Looking forward to lasting a bit longer this time!

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    Jul 2007


    Hello, Gary is out of action due to misuse of his body , so I will be leading this Beginner spin. With any luck he'll be in better shape and we will lead it together.

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    klaxxon Guest


    You can put me down along with one other, he was on the spin last saturday and is still talking about it, he promises not to wear the full face helmet.


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    Jul 2007


    very good..
    Come on now folks...get in to gear..Alfie ( The Club Chairman and Luke - the Nearly national Champ ,maybe) will be along to assist..
    Now, the proper gear is extremely important regardless of your ability.
    1.No Cotton garments whatsoever !! Its mountainbiking, not hanging around The Spar Shop Biking .
    2. A pump, a multitool, 2 tubes, water and some sort of bar essential.
    3. A sense of humour and a thick skin.

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    FionaN Guest


    Woohoo I'm gona be around that weekend so I'm in. Hopefully get some good practise in on the ladies spins before then!

    Cheers Gary



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