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    Fat Fecker Guest

    Default Maintenance Demo

    OK, here's the deal....
    I am going to run a 1 hour demo before the next beginner spin.
    The aim of this is to make people self sufficient. So they know what to do to fix a bike on a spin.
    I will show them how to check over the bike, and set it up in a suitable manner.
    How to change tubes,
    align brakes,
    break a chain & fit powerlinks....
    align gears,
    tighten headset,
    and anything else we have time for.

    This is not an advanced course, it is just to make life easier on spin leaders by making riders capable of fixing their own mechanicals. It's also rewarding to be able to fix your own bike...

    I will post a suitable date, but I will probably just do it an hour before the next beginner spin.

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    ccw Guest


    sounds good, fair play

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    Nice one. Well needed.

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    FionaN Guest


    great stuff, cheers for that it would be a great help. I could defo do with some maintenance tips!! Any idea of the date for the next beginner's spin?


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