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2013 NPS Rider Categories

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  • 2013 NPS Rider Categories

    Please find below, the 2013 XC NPS grades which have been assigned to riders who raced in the 2012 NPS season. Those who finished on a podium (1st to 3rd place) at least twice in 5 races have been promoted to a higher category, that includes all Senior Men and Senior Women categories.* For those riders the upgrade for 2013 is compulsory.
    List of riders upgraded for the 2013 season:

    Senior 4 -> Senior 3:
    Barry Meade, Killarney CC
    Brendan O’Mahoney, Killarney CC
    Darren O’Mahoney, Killarney CC
    Joe O’Leary, Killarney CC
    Senior 3 -> Senior 2:
    Sean Prendiville, Killarney CC
    Glen Guildea, IMBRC
    Stephen Law, Carn Wheelers
    Darragh McCarther, Omagh Wheelers CC
    Peter Boaden, Epic MTB/Expert Cycles

    Senior 2 -> Senior 1:
    Stuart Galloway, Team WORC
    Paddy Mackey, Team WORC
    Simon Curry, Banbridge CC
    Senior 3 Women -> Senior 2 Women:
    Aine McKenna, Epic MTB/Expert Cycles
    Diane Wilson, Dromara CC
    Erica Grant, Epic MTB/Expert Cycles

    Senior 2 Women -> Senior 1 Women:
    Caroline Murphy, Epic MTB/Expert Cycles
    Julie Rea, Phoenix CC

    The complete list of all riders that raced in the 2012 NPS and their new categories for 2013 can be found below:

    2013 NPS Rider Categories
    Several riders have upgraded themselves during the 2012 season and thus will continue in the category they upgraded to, or have been identified for upgrade.
    Riders are welcome/encouraged to upgrade themselves to a higher category if they feel that they will have more of a challenge, it also means you will get better value out of your licence and entry fee by racing an additional lap!
    Clubs are also requested to help riders decide their categories for 2013, and give riders on-the-border a little nudge up to the next category.
    With regard to downgrading, a rider will need to specifically request to be downgraded by sending an email with the subject “2013 XC NPS category downgrade request” to the XC Co-ordinator
    You will need to include your full name, CI licence number, your 2012 category you competed in, and the 2013 category you are requesting to be downgraded to.
    You will also need to include a paragraph justifying why you require downgrade.
    Your request will be reviewed by the grading panel and you will be advised an answer well in advance of the first NPS.
    All requests must be received before 1st March 2013.
    Any requests received after this date will not be processed.
    Any questions/queries please drop an email to: the XC co-ordinator

    Max Power
    XC Co-ordinator


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    so I stay in Senior 2 grand..I'll have to train so


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      2013 NPS Rider Categories

      Well done to the commission !


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        Nice one Max
        Less Traction = More Action


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          I want to see you, Stephen and McGarvey winning the S2 in 2013, no sandbagging this time!
          The man who's name you'd love to touch


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            Well done Max,

            I'm still in S3 so I guess I will need to be moved up.... I think I can take OZ this year.....;-)
            "Here, nobody surrenders!"


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              Happy Days i can stay in S4 or will i join the elite S3's


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                me bollix Ross..S3 for you and S2 for Jack..if I'm in S2 , you're definitley in S2..well done Max by the way ! Theres no room for S4 riders in EPIC by the way..time to get off your arses and start training the lot of you !


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                  Jack, I would have moved you up if I was doing it based on my judgement. However, we have to stick to the criteria so you have to move yourself. Richie's list is spot on (except for Doris in S2 :).
                  The man who's name you'd love to touch


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                    S3 here i come. Means later races in the day though, need to be home in time for the Fair City omnibus that will be the deciding factor:)


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                      Originally posted by Max Power View Post
                      Jack, I would have moved you up if I was doing it based on my judgement. However, we have to stick to the criteria so you have to move yourself. Richie's list is spot on (except for Doris in S2 :).
                      come on..hes getting on, give him a break !! in Fairness I was disapointed in the complete lack of uproar there..


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                        Nice work Max. I'll be racing S2 myself if it helps in the discussion, I'm not fast enough for S3, but plenty strong enough for a top 20 in S2!


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                          2013 NPS Rider Categories

                          This all just feels like fresh beginning with a strict set of the series promoters who's ability based theme will reep rewards in years to come!

                          And while there will be requests for downgrades I feel the commission can't risk downgrading a rider and then the rider getting podiums which would prove the selection was right in the first place.


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                            i'm looking forward to kicking all your arses in S2 this can't even pronounce the drugs I am taking right now !!


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                              V. I. A. G. R. A.?

                              A. S. P. R. I. N. ?

                              S. H. I. R. A. Z. ?