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    Hi all, only one more sleep and we are all systems go, We will be up at the finish line/race village at 7:15 so could everyone please get up as close to this time as possible as we will be under pressure for the first few hours and could everyone who plans to marshal please sign on in the registration tent and leave your number and take my number down incase of emergency. If I am not close Sarah will give u the information that u need, marshal position etc

    Parking for all our members and helpers is at Da Farm on the Enniskerry road, So please make use of this as its free for us and keeps the carparks around the Leadmines freed up which is vital.. if u need anything brought up from Da Farm we will be picking up wheels etc at 11:15 and they will be dropped upto the finish area for 11:30.

    See u in the morning,


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    My number is 087-9552759 for anyone that needs it. Hoping to have the registration desk up and running between 7.30 and 8.

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      Hi all
      Some notes for tomorrow
      Please report to Sarah McDonagh
      Mobile no 087 9552759
      to sign on when you arrive at finish area.
      Also Gary's
      Mobile no 086 339 4112

      Please come dressed for whatever the weather may hold. Umbrellas/rain coats/sunscreen/midge repelent/wooly hats/sun hats. (Forcast looks good at moment)
      Just like a spin bring a drink, food, you may be away from Tim's coffe van for awhile.

      Please bring a fully charged mobile phone for contact on the day ensure Sarah has your number.

      Everyone must wear a high vis vests collect when signing on (if you have your own high vis, please feel free to use) and will have a supply of black sacks for rubbish.

      Please arrive as early as you can the work starts from 7.30 on there will be barriers, course checking, to be done first races start from 10 Marshalls will be required from when practice starts.

      Below are a few points to note if have you not marshalled before.

      Marshalls are located at designated points around the event area for safety, directing competitors and managing spectators while riders are racing and during practice laps.

      Be visible – all stewards/marshals must wear a hi-vis jacket.

      It is essential that’s marshalls do not abandon there location until relieved or races are over

      Be loud and clear – keep the instructions clear and audible use whistle if nessacery

      Point – a visual instruction is often better than a verbal one.

      Be aware of competitors and spectators coming.

      Check that riders in race have correct race numbers for the races ,like when Ladies race is on no males should be doing practice laps

      Remember you are in charge, not the competitors or spectators.

      If you feel there is a problem or you are being hassled ring for advise or help.

      If you see any suspicious behaviour or persons pass on info can have announcements made to warn the public about undesirables in area.

      You most likely will be asked whats going on by members of the public if polite answers are not acceptable refer them down to the sign on area if your being hassled by anybody or threatened get help

      Encourage the riders – give them a cheer!!

      When the race is over walk the course on your return to ensure the course is cleared of all tape post signs rubbish etc.

      If you have a bike with you maybe consider brining a lock there will be barriers.


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        Well done Epic , everyone was impressed.