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  • Round 4 Results

    Apologies for the late results. Drying out, warming up, and getting some food took priority.
    Rodney - belated congratulations on the win tonight. We missed your first lap so it took a bit of forensics to piece together the timing.
    'R' is the letter of the day, with Ronan, Ronan, and Robin following Rodney across the line.
    No trees down or ponds around the lap - thanks to the maintenance crew out yesterday. Thankfully racing was finished before the rain came down in earnest.

    Results are in Excel -
    and in PDF - Round 4 Epic League 2020.pdf

    Thanks to Jon, Maurice, and Rory for starting and timing in the wet tonight.

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    Thanks to all for organising, enjoyed that a lot, rain held off for the race pretty much, was a little slippy but not bad, couldn't see much in the fast first part of section 2 with the first cover and dull sky, that was the sketchiest bit!

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      Last nights club league action.

      Full first lap and section 3 last lap .
      I got the view wrong again on the Go Pro so it looks a little short in shot, I'll try and get right next week plus it was fairly dark last night so the lighting is a little off but you can still see most of the course [emoji1].

      Any way have a look and share away if you like. And don't forget to give it a [emoji106]up

      Lap 1

      Section 3 last lap

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        Wet but not too slippy. No one really feeling it beforehand but, as ever, once you started it was a case of getting stuck in. Great to see so many out on a wet evening and the course holding up so well (thanks to the ongoing maintenance efforts). New parts of section three riding better in the wet.

        What happened to Niall Q? He was all over me on the first lap.

        Thanks to Muiris, Jon and Rory for standing around/timing and cheering us on.


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          Always worth going out for a lash around the course. Big thanks to starter and timers. Getting the hang of the slippy conditions now!


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            Good fun sliding around more than usual. I thought I was going blind though... really hard to see in the woods with the damp in the air. Lucky I know every rock and root so well at this stage.

            Thanks starter and timers, a less pleasant experience then usual with that weather.

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