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Audax 200km Sligo

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  • Audax 200km Sligo

    Best of luck to Terry and Paul (and anyone else signed up!) for the 200km road/off road tomorrow in Sligo

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    Deadly, looking forward to the reports on this.
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      Enjoy it gentlemen. Can’t wait to read the reports. Go Epic.

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        So like being back in the school days here is my essay on my weekend outing.

        This is a self-supported event which mean you carry all you need and do your own route finding no marshals arrows signs saying this way or that
        This is a 200km or 100km a mix of 50/50 off road, on road.
        The 100km event is almost flat and the longer event has no big climbs. Surfaces vary from tarmac, bog, gravel, grass but are all solid with no bad rough sections.
        Full details here

        Fantastic event well worth going to recommends mtb bike I took Paul’s advise and used cx bike perfect choice.
        Full credit must go to Seamus O’Dowd for organising and planning.

        Route was as advertised some amount of planning and knowledge in preparing route always interesting all under a huge sky when out on the bog like being out mid west USA accept your at home in Sligo turning left here right there up and down every borren ,lane ,across bog with a bit of tarmac lane now and then.

        Maybe 50/50 On/off road time wise third of time on road two thirds off road.

        Worth noting that this event was fully Covet complainant, all paper work online staggered starts to help with the social distancing, there were a number of check points where you took a selfie photo and sent to what’s app group for confirmation of time and being to check point, start and finish from clock tower in Tubberycurry.

        So what did I learn? 38mm gravel tyres are the business, need to go and buy a proper bike computer time to upgrade the garmin any advise?

        Why? I downloaded route file to ridewithgps app and ran from mobile phone did some practice runs last week all worked well. On the day not so good when working great either follow the line or listen to the voice prompts. Unfortunately on a number of spots was getting “weak gps” notification which led to some errors and turn arounds at about 80km where gps completely gone took a turn which was the complete wrong direction so headed back to start.

        So lesson learnt birthday coming up buy proper tracker for next event

        So to sum up I had a fantastic day out on a route I would not have being able to plan in an area that has huge potential for riding in.


        Ps when in school also had to do an Irish essay each weekend also, leave you to use Google translator for that one so.


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          Well done Terry. Sounded like an adventure. The new garmin 530 has excellent mapping capabilities.

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            That’s some trek Terry! How long were you on the bike?
            With the phone I think there’s a balance better battery life and GPS, especially critical on a marathon trip like this.


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              Handy day out Keith 4.30 hr out, 94k 540m covered in 4hr much easier day than a triller day which one have being sat

              Will check out garmin 530 Oscar also looking at wahoo roam or the older garmin 520 plus available for 180

              Should mention Paul finished before 4-30 first home I would suspect



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                Great write up. Nice to see some off-the beaten track reports.


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                  Good report Terry, could be one for next year..did'nt realise it was on until the day before!


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                    This was a great day out. I didn’t have navigation issues as I was using the wahoo roam which is rock solid. Lovely wild part of the world. Great route linking up all kinds of terrain. Wouldn’t have done it on a mountain bike myself to be honest and as terry said 38c tyres are the job. I was with a few lads for a good bit but 1 by 1 I lost them and the hours went by. Nutrition is a huge factor for this and luckily I’ve been dialling mine in recently. Still felt fresh by the end after pacing it well. I think I did it in 8 hours with about 7.50 of moving time. I think I would nearly say I prefer this type of riding over racing as it is serious value for money.

                    Terry buy a wahoo. You won’t regret it

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                      Well Done Terry and Paul, sounds class, would love to give this a go

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