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Enduro results round 1

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  • Enduro results round 1

    Results now in
    Some fantastic results Harry 1st in under 21 and third fastest result overall
    Brendan 1st Challenger 14+ and first overall in Challenger
    Steveo Timmins 1st in Hardtail men
    Congratulations to all who rode today Maurice,Glen,Kieran,Harri senior anybody else
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    And Harri!

    Great day overall really enjoyed my first enduro pretty muddy and wet up the top then dryer further down, great having all the "masters" Epic riders in the same wave and starting the stages together, and trying to keep up with Steve for more than 5 seconds... Who beat us all easily even on a hard tail and not feeling well...

    My Garmin said I burned 2000 calories strava said 800.... I went with Garmin on this on and refueled more than adequately with burger and beer... In fact I threw in an extra 1000 just to be sure.

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      Wow - brilliant results all round ! Well done to everyone that took part! (I'd go with the Garmin too Glenn!)


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        Well that was some day, Steve and I said we’d definitely go around together as we were both sick, we also had the pain train of a very fit Glenn, Morris and Kieran. I think Steve’s sickness was mild – seeing as he won the Hardtail group which was super competitive. Some of the hardtail lads were riding like they were told they had minutes to live – just throwing themselves down stuff, Stevie T was just doing it faster with more grace!

        We had great fun tackling the sessions as a team, all popping off at the same time, after 3 seconds (or less) Steve would be gone – nowhere to be seen.
        The mud was deep (swallow the bike deep in parts) and the hot sun was welcome in bursts, a little rain for a spell, then wind and sun again.

        Overall Ballinastoe was great fun, we had a great time going ‘round together, great day out, I was pretty crap though . . . ha ha! I’ll have to try harder next time! (or practice more, or something . . .)
        Fair play to Harry – what a performance; world class! And Brendan and Steve Timmons – amazing results!


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          Great day on the bike yesterday, difficult in parts, especially in top sections of stages 1, 3 and 5 which all started in close proximity to eachother. Very muddy up there, difficult even to walk to the start of the stages. Some of those stages would be well worth a rerun when the conditions dry out.
          Great to see a good turn out from the club, makes for a great day when there's a good crew on board. Bigwood is on 12/13th May ( and Carlow is on the 19th/20th May ( if anyone's interested.


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            First Enduro in 2 years, not back to full fitness yet but its fantastic to get back to the buzz of racing and to win the hardtail category was flippin deadly! Didn't get to practise Saturday but I dont think it made any difference with the muck and roots, not many sneaky lines to be found. It was really tough on the hardtail, you really have to lift and pop and fight your way around, it was like buckaroo all day! Cheers for the company lads, always better fun in a group. Well done to Bren and Harry, future pro riders..
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              Well done lads!.....I didn't register for this one but will be heading to Bigwood and Mount Leinster...sticky slomp is a lot harder than the full wet.


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                Well done guys, love reading the write ups. Podiums all round, and what a result from harry, amazing stuff!


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                  Fantastic results all round, well done all!


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                    Well done lads, great results.Harry flying as usual.