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How to become an EPIC club member

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  • How to become an EPIC club member

    How to become an EPIC club member

    Club membership is open to riders aged 18 and above.

    To ensure EPIC is the club for you, you should come out on a couple of club spins. You can find out about our sat intro / prospective members spins on forum
    or by emailing

    Club membership costs €35 per calendar year (January 1st to December 31st).

    Membership of Cycling Ireland is a requirement for all EPIC club members.
    No License No membership
    This can either be a “race licence” or a “leisure licence”.
    Of the various licence types available, the following are relevant to EPIC:

    Leisure Licence
    A non-competition licence (also know as a leisure licence) covers you while you are out training, on club spins, and while participating in leisure tours. Insurance cover and benefits for a non-competition licence are the same as any other licence but it does not cover you to race in competitive events. The fee 50 euro
    Note if you decide to enter competitive events you can top up with a day Licence cost 10 euro per event.

    Limited Competition Licence
    A limited competition licence allows you to compete in all domestic competition except open road races. In other words you may use a Limited Competition licence to compete in Off-Road, Track, BMX, Time-Trials, Hill-Climbs, Club Racing, Bicycle-polo and Artistic Cycling. This licence is not specific to one discipline, it covers them all. It does not include Open Road Racing. The fee is €80

    Full Competition License
    If you want to race on the road in open races, this is the type of licence you want. 135euro

    NOTE - Underage riders should chose relevant age license.

    How to join Cycling Irl and EPICMTB
    Make payment for membership new and renewals

    This is the link to join
    Create account or open existing
    Would you like to Join an Official Cycling Club? Yes
    Choose membership Select club membership 35 Euro
    Fill in personal details

    Join the forum
    How do I register ?
    Send mail to to have account created
    Include: Full name,contact details and number ,also pick a user name
    Note -
    There is a public and members only section in forum , access to members only section is available to paid up club members.
    Please choose a user name that has some sense
    No activation email check your spam folder

    WhatsApp Notifactions
    The club will use WhatsApp to send notifications to members (only the committee will be able to post to the group). This is not a replacement for the forum. The notifications will generally contain links to posts on the forum. We can also use it for sharing videos of the fun (funny) stuff that happens on spins - you'll have to send the video to a committee member and they'll post it up. You have to opt in to this group (GDPR etc.). If you want to be included in the 'Epic WhatsApp Group' complete this form:


    Note CI Limited Competition License or higher required
    Club League 2023: This will start in Apr. You can join any week, doesn't have to be from round 1.
    Details here

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