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CX Nationals 2023

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  • CX Nationals 2023

    It was that time of the year when those with an off-road skinny tyre fetish made their way to a muddy field and raced around for a certain number of laps and at the end of the race the person on the front get a national jersey.

    This year, the nationals were held at McCrystals CX track in Louth. On Saturday, Darragh went in the U14s and came in a very respectable 7th after a sprint finish (and two dropped chains).

    On Sunday, Emma went in the Women’s senior/masters race and played to her strengths (strong on the climbs and laying down the power in the straights to catch and pass others.

    John, Colm and Terry went in the VERY competitive M50/60 race. It was mentally first from the off. Colm caught and passed Robin in the first lap and they were battling it out until disaster struck. Colm’s mech ripped off on the part of the course that was as far from the pits as you could get. A long run back to the pits put and end to his race (Robin came into the pits for a fresh bike and let us know what had happened, so we moved as close to the pit entrance as we could get under the watchful eyes of the officials). Terry was fighting it out with the M60s (now there’s a group who demonstrate that age is but a number). John decided that CX was not hard enough and decided to start at the back of the grid (he was late and wasn’t allowed to take his place on the front of the grid). He fought his way through the pack and had a very tough race.

    I went in the M40s and having put in zero training and only raced twice this season (back in November) had low expectations (like seriously low). Much to my amazement I achieved my goal of not being lapped out by the fast lads to finish in 18th out of 45 racers (very firmly mid pack fodder).

    After we had done our races it was time for the juniors and elites. The atmosphere was fantastic up on the hill and the racing suitability impressive.

    Overall, a really well organised and run nationals with over 400 entries.

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    A huge thanks to Gary, Donough and Daragh for coming up to run the pits and thanks to Micky (and Ann) for the support.

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        Massive thanks to Gary, Donough, Darragh and Dave for all their hard work and support in the pits, all much appreciated.


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          Great to be part of such a brilliant day. Very well organised event and they have a really good crew of lads making sure everything ran well. All our riders were riding very strong and Emma's race had huge support from the hill, i can still hear that chainsaw revving like f#ck in my head, the place was electric with excitement and everyone was in great spirits, even the weather played its part. More of these days please.


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            My cx report for Sunday arrived in time to do a practice lap with the sun rising over Dundalk Bay left when sun set.

            12 entered in m60s 11lined up the whistle blew race on finished 5th have never finished ahead of any of the 4 riders in front of me so happy with result.

            The rest of the day was magic, the organisers have certainly brought cx events to a new level in Ireland definitely on par for with any world Cup event for atomsphere and organisation.

            High light of the day for me.
            The support from the hundreds of spectors for all the riders was impressive having being roared at, cheered and being reved up the hill by a chainsaw they all came down with a smile on there faces riders and spectators.

            Also big thanks to Garry, Darragh, Donough, Dave for pit work and Ronan for loan of washer.