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Verge Cross Clonmel, 16th - 17th Oct 2021

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  • Verge Cross Clonmel, 16th - 17th Oct 2021

    Entries open

    20 Eur - Support Race
    30 Eur - Masters

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    Nice one Ronan thanks, I hope to do this, are you racing?


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      Hoping to head down to this. Not 100% if I'll be free that weekend. Didn't have the foresight when starting a family to have the children's birthdays fall outside of cross season. Two in Oct! Might try and sell the cyclocross themed party idea


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        Thunderbirds are go. Signed up for the Saturday support race


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          Signed up for the masters 50. We'll all try not to be lapped by Robin.


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            Looks like I'll be heading down for the support race

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              Any reports from Clonmel (asks the guy living vicariously through the racers)?


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                Went down this morning to spectate

                superb weather with blue skys, top class event and venue sets a very high standard for cx events

                Big shout out to the organisers
                Results and photos up on facebook for all races

                Ronan rode support race on the sat, Brendan in the juniors, Niall and John in the M50's with John taking 2nd in what was a trilling race watch.

                Would have loved to have being competing having raced here before super fast course, surprised not to see more cx members missing the chance to ride UCI. C2 event

                Will let the racers do the race reports.

                I had great days outing chance to meet people from around the country I had not meet for nearly 2 years and catch up watching top class raceing


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                  First up, well done to all the Epic racers, good man John taking home a trophy.

                  As Terry mentioned, a very well organised event. No shortage of marshalls, barriers, scoffold bridges, food vans, you name it. For me, Saturday afternoon, made the big drive to Clonmel to do my first race in years. Wasn't the only one from far flung parts of the country, club jerseys around from all corners. Great to hear all different accents having the banter. The U16 race was in full flow when I arrived. Christ, and very happy they weren't lumped into the B race. Fairly ripping along they were. Numbers on the sign on were just shy of 50 for the B race, which seems low compared to the 100 odd that you have at pre-covid Dublin races. Then only 35 on the start line. Still delighted to amongst the cx buzz again. Been a mad long wait. Boom, go, usual heart attack first lap. Fitness still on the way back, had no idea if the intensity would be too much to handle. Rode it as consersative as possible, let the wheels ride away, just to make sure I wouldn't blow up. Ended up in no mans lands by the end of lap one. Clawed back a few spots by the race end. 31 minutes for the winner, seems a bit short. I was more than happy to have got around, blown off the cobwebs and roll on the next one.

                  Dave, especially for you, some gopro footage of the first lap...


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                    Originally posted by ronankearneyle;n258909

                    Dave, especially for you, some gopro footage of the first lap...

                    Thanks for that Ronan - enjoyed watching that. Looks like a great course. Well done.


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                      Very good video Ronan,heart rate data and all on the screen!!
                      Rigid Micky!! :)