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Good luck to CX Nationals Racers!!!

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    Personally I enjoyed doing the pits for the Masters far more than race. I would have a different view to everyone. I don't want to be a grouch or anything but I honestly think the course was sub standard and not really fit for purpose. I would hope that the mistakes made in the recce can be learned and it doesn't happen again. I can see how people enjoyed their weekend and all and it is a lovely part of the world, but for me driving across to the West Coast and not using a beach and not being able to ride a bike just wasn't something that impressed me. Don't get me wrong, the club did a great job and I don't blame them for the course conditions. But accepting that course would be a step backwards in my opinion. The TV thing was a huge step forward though but it would have been better if some crowds turned up too. I'm sorry if this upsets a few people but I have to say what I think otherwise this Irish mentality of blaming weather etc. and saying there's nothing that could have been done just doesn't cut it. I don't mind a challenging course but that was just crap. Anyway rant over. Well done to all the club for their results and the work in the pits. It was a challenge but we worked well as a team. EPIC racing is not dead even though the numbers at the races are dwindling!