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    Congrats to John Dorris a huge effort to secure the M50 Leinster Champs to round out what has been for him a great year. Brendan came in 3rd in the U16 with another strong performance.

    Not sure how Paul got on as I had to leave before the end of his race.

    Both Terry and I had mechanical issues which, in Terry's case ended his race shortly after it started and in my case led to one of the most disappointing races of the season. Issues = 1. roll the rear tyre on Lap 2; 2. Swapped to the other bike which only had one gear (second largest sprocket :-(); 3. Rear brake would not fully release on the 2nd last lap. So, despite having a shocking race my legs are wrecked :-).

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    Great course and super day out, weather held up nicely. My goal was not get lapped in the Vets race which I just about managed so happy enough with that. Savage stuff from JD who looked really strong and to Brendan too, congrats lads. Bad luck for Terry and Dave (I know that feeling). That's it for the CX for this year, going to miss it ! Back to the MTB now on sundays !


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      Thanks lads, well done Bren and Paul (around 7th?). With slightly muddy conditions, mechanicals were likely. Felt good and up for it. The course was class , which we all knew from a few weeks ago, sliding around corners with a class technical forest section. Well done Oulcastle cc who really did a good job...including my late entry!
      Yeah, looking forward to some mtb'ing.


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        Well done Johnny on a great performance. Also Bren who was super stylish as always and the only man to do the monster board all day. I had an ok race. Better than last week anyway, with a bit more fuel in the tank. Unfortunately the fuel took its time to make through the pipes as I had a poor start of the race. Had a good bit left by the last lap so pushed on but it was too late at that stage. Fantastic course, especially the woods section. Well run event with lots of familiar faces all round the course cheering is on. I think I was 7th but waiting on results.

        That’s the end of my cx season and still mulling over whether to go to nationals or not. Time to get back on the real bikes and start putting in the miles for the Med Epic in February. Can’t wait!

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          Great results from John And Brendan both collecting medals showing us why they are EPIC Senior and Youth rider of the year 2018

          My race had 4 M60 on the line with Johnny McCabe ,Lloyd Moore, Tom Clogher myself on the first lap it was not "here comes Johnny" but more like "where is Johnny Gone" as he was disappearing up past the M50s ahead leaving Lloyd and myself and Tom chasing up past the back markers of the M50s, end of first lap down 15 seconds on Lloyd so not all lost unfortunately disaster struck exiting woods on second lap ground to a sudden stop rear mech well lodged in spokes hanger well bent no quick pull out to get going so off to the side lines to Shout at Mick to get up there and catch Quinlan and then shout at Quinlan coming down the other side of the tape to get a move on that Mick was on his way pity Dave had bike issues as he was looking good early in race

          Great reading Paul had " I had an ok race." great result Paul coming 7th first beard across the line consistent lap times first lap last lap same time

          Think that is about 10 sundays in a row at cx body needs a rest then again the nationals are coming up