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UCI C2 CX Belfast Report

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  • UCI C2 CX Belfast Report


    Decided to give this a whirl out of curiosity. Entered into the Elites with all the current legends of CX nowadays. Didn't know what way it would go to be honest and was gridded in the second last row of the grid. Didn't get off to a great start and took a couple of laps to get my arse into gear. Eventually found a rhythm on lap 2 but by that stage it was too little too late. Was riding around on my own trying to make sure no one came up behind and hoodwinked me. The course was super tough and had a great mix of technical sections and flat out straights. It was very easy to make a mistake seeing as the ground was damp following a spell of rain that morning. The event was really well organised although the spectator numbers could have been better. I ended up 16th and took home a few quid as there was prize money up to 20th.

    Not many Epic heads around which I found unusual and the only club member I seen there was Mick. I could be wrong! It was definitely one that was great to experience and lets hope its the first UCI of many on the Island.

    Plan on doing Navan this weekend seeing as it is my home race.

    Over and Out!

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    Me and micko did the support race. It was a slippy one with plenty of off camber slidderyness. Finished way down the back but still enjoyed it. Didn't stay for the senior race as it was pissing down.
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      Yep went up and did the support race ŵhich was pretty tricky due to the rain. Stuck around for the main races. Weather improved as the day went on so the course seemed to dry out nicely. Was expecting to see a few overseas riders but in the end I think there was only one and he was well down the field. Well done to Paul, solid result in a strong field with all the northy guys present and to Oz for giving it a lash. As Paul said crowd was a bit disappointing but the weather earlier in the day probably didn't help. Next stop Navan.