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    Our own hero Mr. J Doris finished in 4th place in the A2 race today.Well done John you double-hard bastad!!!!Respect for flying the Epic MTB jersey.

    Any chance of a race report?
    Rigid Micky!! :)

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    That is some going John. Respect! Was out there myself today for another trashing on the road race circus. Laps of an 18km circuit with a tasty climb on the way round. That would've been seven laps for the A2 race that John was in. Nice one.


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      Thanks Mickky and Ronan.. well done. You'll get the speed in the legs after a few races.
      Was'nt looking forward to racing with the A1's and was expecting a few minutes handicap, but that was not to be. Fu**in flat out from the gun.
      Settled into the race on lap 2 after the gods went up the road. The hills were not a problem and generally felt good. I decided to leave it to the sprint because it's very hard to stay away with a small group on that course.
      After 130km+ , I managed to nudge my way to the front coming into the town with the main bunch and gave it a lash. Happy with the result.
      Looking forward to some Easter MTB spins!


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        Great result John, savage stuff, congrats!


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          wow - fantastic results, sounds like pure torture! no better man for it - well done


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            Jasus mind and leg torture. Well done JD.

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              Fair f#cks John
              Less Traction = More Action


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                Fair play for John and Ronan!
                Great results, deadly going!

                I took part of that race too, first race of the season for me.
                It was impressively well organised in my opinion, coffee, tea and sambos after the finish (finish line in front of local pub :-))
                A4 race was only 3 laps but got dropped for good on last lap up the hill.
                It was all very easy going - except that hill :-D
                Great race, really enjoyed it!