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Thread: XC Development race Rnd 2: Provisional results

  1. Default XC Development race Rnd 2: Provisional results

    Thanks to everyone who came out in the sunshine today to race! Hope you all enjoyed yourselves, thanks also to Rob Drohan and the MBUL gang, Richie Byrne from EPICMTB and the Offroad Commission for the organisation and smooth running of the race.
    Here is the link to the provisional race results
    We are currently confirming laptop results against manual timing checks to ensure all results were captured correctly.
    The youth results will be posted later.
    A full report will also follow


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    Fantastic turnout again - really sorry I missed this! 7 seconds seperating the top 3 in the A Race - that must have been good to see! And The Happy Fairy finishing 2 seconds behind Hughie! Carol winning the Ladies too!
    Congrats again Richie, Fergal and everybody else involved!

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    The_Happy_Fairy Guest


    I won the second lap, deadly, I reckon only the second lap should count.

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    Fat Fecker Guest


    Yeah, good numbers. Sorry I couldn't make it. my boys were hit with a stomach bug....
    It was like a scene from the excorsist. The smell....
    Anyway, fair play to Richie, Fergal, Sean and the hosting club/organisers. If this doesn't wet peoples appetites, nothing will. I really hope to see the majority of these competitors enter the NPS.

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    yeah i'll do a report as soon as I have had a Pizza !!!
    anyway..great racing altogether..great weekend .
    Pity more Sporties didn't go, thought the turnout was still great for somewhere in the back of beyonds !! it was brilliant. After I adjusted the lap several times a wise man saved my sanity !!
    I have to say well done to Carol...she really looked like she was enjoying the racing for once..
    The finish sprints between people were amazing.
    The finish between Damo, the Roadie and Rob..better than last time !!
    Thanks to everybody who supported me on this one !! I hate the rest of you losers!!

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    Thanks to everyone involved who helped to run the event.The last lap was hard going,and somehow I managed to win the sprint to the line between 3 of us!!I think that was the best bit of riding I did in the whole 3 laps.Today has me all buzzed up,so looking forward to a pint later in the local. Micky
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    Redbeard Guest


    Micky, you deserve a night in Tamango's for your performance today!

    Well done to everyone who raced, won, or just had the craic. :)

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    orange Guest


    thanks richie ,fergal and all the crew for another great days racing on a lovely day and a super circuit fast and flowing, but dnf the race got a flat .:mad: again i got it sorted was way down (last) 1st time i haven't finished a race in 4 years:confused: all was not lost the underage riders in boyne mtb took home a few medals so was pretty happy wont make galway :mad: the boys are making there confirmation will have to phone the bishop and see can he move the comfirmation;D

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    YNWA Guest


    big thanks to richie, fergal ,sean and co for a great day today - a real feel-good loop and great weather has really whet the appetite. Also a big thanks to Shane the painter for the loan of some SPD cleats to save the day! Cheers.

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    Greyspoke Guest


    Thanks to everyone for their efforts in putting this on. Caoimhe enjoyed herself after getting over her warm-up lap nerves and Cian was pretty happy with his 2nd (blaming the U12s for getting in his way!)


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