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Thread: Cloon Saturday and Sunday Race day

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    gazpw Guest


    Think i'm gonna need all the luck i can get, some wickedly fast people out today.

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    Damo Duggan told me that people only appear faster than you because you are standing still and they aren't !
    I'm pretty sure thats a scientific fact as well!! you looked pretty fast when I saw you !!
    You're bike is deadly by the way!
    Sell the Prophet and get a nice Carbon Hardtail and we'll mould you into a savage XC racer!!

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    gazpw Guest


    XC and downhill, feck i don't think my brain could handle it.
    Thanks for the compement on the bike, i just finished polishing it. (again)

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    Fat Fecker Guest


    Thank god you didn't compliment his helmet....

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    gazpw Guest


    Had to clean it, didn't want to get mud on the sheets from the tyres

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    oh and I got you that Jet Engine for your'll wet yourself when you see it!!
    I forgot I had it!

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    Nov 2005
    21 Main Street, Rathfarnham Village, D.14


    just headin out now for my pre race nutrition!!!
    see ye all in the morning

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    **** !!! I can't remember the sneaky lines !!! or even the regular lines!!

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    Ah jaysus I can't believe I'm missing the home race. The Wife's away and I'm sat here knee deep in kids and Chinese take away cartons.
    The kids are begging me to take them to the Enniskerry DJ's in the morn but we'll be up for the race. If anyone has a Cow bell or something noisy bring them along I have a vigorous kid or 4 to put on the end of it along the track
    If you hear banjo's peddle faster !

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    you could always duct tape the littlest one to you back and race..that would be some craic..!!


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