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Thread: Cloon Saturday and Sunday Race day

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    marko76 Guest

    Default 1st race

    Turned up today to register and get a day licence as its my first DH race,well impressed with set up and all the people were really helpful!!looking forward to tomorrow and hopefuly it becomes a permanent thing for me..nice one!!!

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    Daire Guest


    i was planning on going but my fork still hasnt arrived. Track sounds deadly lads.

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    that was me Damo said that to - and he was right - push hard into them and you come out of them faster, I was also in the wrong gears coming down the hill, pedalling alright but not really getting the benefit, it's great to have people point this stuff out to you - I'd never realise it otherwise - there's more to concentrate on than staying upright!

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    I'm hoping that i get the same kind of tips at the CX nationals next week..i'd hate to struggle in those tight open corners, cautiously flat out!

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    fat chance...

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    but what if i dismount early? after all its way better than any other type of racing..wheel to wheel , racing in bunches..tight corners, team tactics..nothing else like it..
    except Road racing !!!! oh my god..i can't believe I never saw that before!!

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    adamt Guest


    Well lads a good turn out today a bit icy to start but track looks to be riding well. The track has been pre salted for tomorrow so come on out and have a go. Now I'm off to bed.

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    Fair play're a legend!!

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    gazpw Guest


    Tomorrow's gonna be brilliant, the set up is fantastic, the track is just mayhem but such fun to ride, had a good off at the finish line and twisted my back a bit so went home a bit early today but can't wait to get back at it tomorrow.

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    best of luck GAZ see you there I'll be shouting for you ! bringing the bike too, in case! waaaa-hooooooooooooo



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