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Thread: Developmental Race Series 2010

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    Default Developmental Race Series 2010

    in 2010 i will be running a 3 race developmental race series for youth, Ladies and Sports.
    1 will take place in late February in the Coillte trail centre in Oughterard.
    1 will be in Early march in Ballinastoe
    1 will be in late march in Ballyhoura.
    Simple, handy loops for non Snr Categories to have a go.
    There will be a support race afterwards for Senior categorie ( all ages and cats together)
    I am looking for local Clubs to Support me with the hosting.
    I will do all the Organisation and the co ordination and manage the Series with the help of the offroad Commission.
    I would like to get an overall sponsor. I've written letters and hopefully the replies will be positive.
    if you would like to help out, please let me know. I'm doing this on behalf of the Offroad Commission, its not an EPIC series.
    I will update you with progress as i go along.
    I also need a website person to design and manage a website.
    If you have any questions please let me know..and if you kind people could put this up on the Club websites I'd appreciate it.
    Richie Byrne
    XC Development Coach for the Offroad Commission .

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    Count me in
    Less Traction = More Action

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    gazpw Guest


    Me too, i'll help

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    & me!

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    Fat Fecker Guest


    I'm sure EPIC as a club will look after one, without you Richie. You are involved in the series, so I suggest the rest of us run the one in B'stoe. Obviously this is up to the committee to decide, but if they do, I will happily help. I can't see it taking too much effort out of our crack squad.

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    gazpw Guest


    I agree, i'm sure we'll be fine as long as there are pints of the black stuff after and some spare ribs.

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    EPIC have enough to do next year and i have plans to involve new clubs and organisations that want to get involved. The Wheels are in motion, as they say,But i would be grateful of any help from all the Clubs.

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    Yogi Guest


    Where's this trail centre in Ouchterard Richie?
    Am heading up that way for the bank holiday and might bring up the bikes if it's any good.

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    Yogi Guest


    That's the job. Cheers Mr. Shed.


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