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Thread: 2009 K Capital Challenge Rnd 3.

  1. Default 2009 K Capital Challenge Rnd 3.

    It’s the final round of the 2009 K Capital Challenge. If you haven’t done the other rounds don’t worry you can still come along and enjoy the fantastic trails which have been purposely built for this event. Hosts for round 3 are Don and his real mate and chief trail builder Luke Manning has been out spilling blood for the last few weeks bringing you a course to remember.
    Race HQ for the day is Kippure house.
    Kippure House is privately owned and it offers quality accommodation and facilities privately set in 240 acres of mature woodland and rolling farm pastures. So if you don’t fancy coming up the morning of the race why not come up the day before and avail of their special B&B rates. If you plan on bringing the family out for the day then there is lots for them to do while you negotiate the wonderful single track of the Dublin mountains. Check out the website for more information.
    As with the two other rounds racing starts at midday with all riders taking to the trails in a mass start. For new racers one day license are available on the day and as with the other rounds it’s a great way to get an introduction to racing without the super competitive pressure of cross country racing. For most it’s a day out in the hills and discovering new trails. It’s also a way to test yourself and push yourself a little further than you have done before. There is nothing like seeing a rider 50 meters ahead to make you dig that bit deeper and try and gain one more place.
    For those that have done the previous two rounds the special finishers t-shirts will be given out at the finish which you can wear at the next race to let people know you ‘kick ass’ and finished the K Capital Challenge Series…. We’ll see you all next week in what has to be one of the most idyllic settings for an off road race… if you’re racing bring your camera as we would love to see your photos from the race.
    K Capital Challenge Team
    More information here


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    jackson Guest


    wicklow mountains !

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    I have a plan to photo everybodies arses there, or in Lukes case ,all his arses!

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    Fat Fecker Guest


    Dumb Dumb has Bum Bum.....

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    ok, I've fixed that on the Irish XC site Luke

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    Am I right in thinking that this is on in the "other" Wicklow? You know ... the N81 Wicklow as opposed to the N11 Wicklow!
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    Fat Fecker Guest


    N81, isn't it? but yes. look at the linked map.

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    get a room you pair !

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    The N11 Wicklow folk still have 5 toes on each foot, the N81 types have 6, minimum.
    Zoop de jour.

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    Fat Fecker Guest


    I'm somewhere inbetween. How many should I have? never been that good at math...


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