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Thread: 2009 K Capital Challenge Rnd 3.

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    karlos Guest


    Really enjoyed that course but the craic at camp epic was savage.Big thanks for coffee and richies homemade cherry fruit cake.Also good to see a big number of non racing heads giving it a go exactly what the series is trying to promote.Course marking and marshalls top notch impossible to get lost.Off now for afternoon nap before me and vinny hit the clubs tonight.

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    Cathal Guest


    A great end to a great series. Always a pleasure to ride singletrack I've never seen before. Nice balance of trail types. That road climb in the middle was murder but well worth it on the way back down. Well done to all the organisers. Can't be easy to manage a course that covers that much ground.

    Not a course for the missus' mini bike though, Jaysus me back was killing me.

    I've had a cold the past few days so wasn't feeling the force right from the start and never snapped out of it. Got around the full course which is about all I set out to do. I wanted that T-Shirt.

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    I thought the trails were feckin' deadly altogether - there wasn't one crap bit - feck though my feet were cold after dabbing in the streams, but the red head of death on me on those climbs soon dried them off, every climb was rewarded with a deadly bit - great stuff from the trailbuilders, thanks to the marshalls too - great day out, on the last climb though I was saying to myself "this isn't right, this isn't racing season, I'm gonna be sick"
    so then I got out of the saddle and said I'd count slowly til 50 and then sit down again - but then by 46 it was time for more singletrack - wheeeeeee!!!

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    tadhg-G Guest


    richie thata tall lad with the one knee pad and football shorts on a single speed jump bike was Dermot Kavanagh,i know him through wicklow cycles,he's new to the sport and interested in gettin good

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    hats off to him, that was some set up he had going on , tell him to come on here and we'll sign him up !!

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    Great race yesterday on some amazing new trails - the only thing against it is that I wanted to do another lap full tilt on the trails :)

    Imagine the marathon champs over a few laps of that course - stuff of legend.

    Anyway, Mel took a few pics yesterday and I have them up here:

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    say "AAAghhhhhhhhh" Jacksie !

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    free ride all the way.. one finger braking and un clipped!!!!

    a great days riding yesterday, didn't race as hard as i could but still had fun. the epic tent before and afterwards was deadly as always.
    "Here, nobody surrenders!"

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    Nivek Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by jack View Post
    free ride all the way.. one finger braking and un clipped!!!!

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    The craic was deadly in Epic headquaters,the slagging was savage. Don't think 8 large bottles of Bulmers and a 6" bike was the best race tactics I've ever had but i was out for the craic and the T-Shirt!! The last fire road climb killed me and Vinny!! The course was deadly if a bit too much rd but hey what yeh gonna do! Had 2 over the bar crashes in front of Byrner who laughed and slagged as expected. Well done to Luke great result and to everyone who finished especially that young lad on the jump bike deadly!!!


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