Just so everyone is up to speed on how things run concerning National Titles, here is the way it works.
There is a national Championship for the following categories only:
  • Under 12
  • Under 14
  • Under 16
  • Junior
  • Under 23
  • Elite
  • Master
  • Vet
  • Ladies (We can have junior ladies, if sufficient numbers allow).
There will be races for all the other categories, but no national titles.
To be eligible in any of these national titles you have to have a UCI Licence with an IRL code.
Non Irish licence holders and day licence holders can enter but wonít be in the running for an Irish National Title.
Furthermore you have to have a minimum of five eligible riders in any category for a full set of medals to be awarded.
If there are four, there is just Gold and Silver and if there are only three then just gold.
Less than three and its not an official National Champs category.
Under 12, Under 14 & Under 16 get their medals on the day.
The rest get presented with a medal for the podium, but have to give it back and get their proper medal at a National Championships Awards Dinner later on in the year.
I understand there will also be National Championship Jerseys for the winners of each category.
If you win a National Championship you are supposed to wear the jersey for the year in the discipline you won it.
Top 10 Elites get UCI points.
If any of you are wishing to go to the Masters Worlds it is very important that you donít get UCI points as an Elite.
So you canít ride Elite for the Nationals and then hope to go to the Masters Worlds.
If anyone has any questions on any of this please feel free to mail: seanherlihy38@googlemail.com, or call (0879854445).
Any questions regarding the event itself should be directed to Martin Grimley at martin@dromaracc.co.uk.