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Thread: KCapital Challenge

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    Do 17 if you want to..2 laps is a pain in the may not want to go back out for another 17 !!!

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    Ah ..... Smithers has recovered from his Saturday night/all day Sunday activities ..... very quite this week!!
    No problem ... 2 laps it is then ... what time does it get dark at?

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    you're better than that, cop on to yourself..I can't wait to see Smithers ..he must be in a heap..and you're very quiet too!! Mr Lynch !

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    Can't be any worse than a couple of those long XC Sunday Spins we did recently? 4 hours approx for me probably?

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    Derek Guest


    Is entry for this on Sunday morning only, can you get one day race license etc on the day?

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    yes you can get a one day licence on the day..theres no pre entry..

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    maybe I'm missing something - but what time does this start at?
    if sign-on closes at 11:30 does the event start at 12?

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    12 for everybody. I like that.
    Zoop de jour.

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    12.00 for everybody ..trampletime !!!

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    Killruddery is the opening round of the 3 race KCapital Challenge Series, being held on the Sunday 26th July.
    Venue is Killruddery Demense, Parking and start is in the Belmont Area [old castle], which can be accessed from the Bray to Greystones road turning off at Windgates

    Event will be a Mass start for all competitors at 12.00 Noon, and will be over a 35km course [2 laps], with all the flowy singletrack in Killruddery from last years Nationals as well as a big Climb up high onto the small Sugarloaf, and long descent too. As everyone is riding the same course we are leaving out 'The ROCK' but We've found something else as spectacular

    We are going to run the Underage on a Mini Challenge Course, one loop, starting just after the start of the other categories.

    We are having a Top 10 prize list for the 10 fastest riders overall and awards for the various categories.

    Entry fees:
    All Senior Cats €20
    Juniors €15

    Underage €5

    The Categories:

    Senior 19-29
    Master 30-39
    Veteran 40+
    Junior 16-18
    Under 16
    Under 14
    Under 12


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