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Thread: KCapital Challenge

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    Poster for Series

    Site is in progress, but just to let people know its on The first round in Killruddery on the 26th of July and have a good lap there, i'll do more specifics in a bit but Maybe after your NPS race this weekend....

    thanks Bob
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    J_MCall Guest


    Burnt out from racing? Then this weekend is the perfect time for a challenge event.....queue KCAP # 1......Just talked to bob about this, he is raving about the new course in Kilruddery. 2 laps of a monster course. cant wait? Are EPIC attending in mass numbers?

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    I need a rest.

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    Won't be making it either.

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    I'll be there alright, I believe in supporting other clubs events and I'd have only been going for a spin somewhere anyway. But more races after the nationals please !!
    Some of us have supported the XC NPS since the very first one and I know I'd just like a frickin break and I didn't even race the last 2 NPS' and the Nationals !!

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    I'd actually like to do the event but have other more pressing things that need to be done. I'm hoping to do the second and third events.

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    I'll be out - and probably Smithers too - if he "sobers up" in time!! 35km .... a long way!

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    weekend weather looks good for this
    Kilruddery is a great venue - really looking forward to seeing it again plus the new stuff that Robin has added

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    Nicola Guest


    Hi Guys im thinking of going down to say in the wicklow area for the weekend and take in the K Capital on sunday, I was hoping to stay in Rathdrum/Glenmalure area how far is this away from Kilruddery? and other mountain bike trails?

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    have a look at this..much nearer than Rathdrum and those mad places..its a little bit out of the way but
    Its supposed to be pretty good..its near Enniskerry and in a fantastic location..
    you might also get something in Enniskerry itself..


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