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Thread: MADMTB presents MAX-XC!

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    I have Rorys and Greg Callaghans

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    One more thing..
    a lot has been said about events in Ireland and I'm frankly amazed people didn't make the effort to go to this, it was on our was a couple of hours on the trails if you were taking it handy, the weather was great and MAD made a superhuman effort to please everybody. its not like it was billed as a serious XC event..most of the serious XC racers that turned up didn't give it their usual serious XC effort.
    I really think people should have given more support to this event and MAD.

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    J_MCall Guest


    I'm not going to babble on about how good the event was, I have made myself clear on that elsewhere (ie, to EVERYONE at the race, Fergal, MTBIreland forum, the girl in the shop last night, a dog a the side of the road, etc.....).

    Anyway, one thing re: rider numbers. the whole first 1/2 lap, Aiden was shouting 'they made the wrong choice', I assume a reference to 1.5 million people in the north.

    Also, a bit off people radars as it was announced quite late (maybe).....but after this event, lots more will omce, they will come.

    Marathon champs, dare I utter the suggestion?!!?

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    John Damage Guest


    Just wanted to add my thanks to the Maddzers. Super super trails an absolute blast on the bouncy bike. A real fun event. Smiles all round

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    i would have said Marathon Champs too, Joey !! but the more i think about it the more I can't believe the poor attendance..doesn't take away from the event at all , they're loss..but as an Organiser of other events it makes me wonder why we bother !

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    karlos Guest


    Thanks M.A.D for great day one of my most enjoyable except for maybe blasts.Where was everyone ,our own Sat and Sun spinners that were absent would haved luved it.Anyway their loss .Big thanks to Team 15 who put in solid effort an our leader Aidan Mac who got our average time up there to get 3rd place.He then did another lap to cool down.

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    Lee Guest


    Thanks Fergal,Mad and the marshalls for a great event, and for my spot prize too!Really nice singletrack on the course.

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    fair play Leeza, you're only at this game a short time and you support all the events you can.
    I'm still wating to hear the feeble excuses from the people i spend my Saturdays encouraging..and all the other people i have coaxed out on to the bike !!

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    i took 2 pictures during the race..the camear in the jersey pocket is a non runner during races..I had a pain in me nethers trying to get it out in time for the action !!
    The Killian lad getting away from me on the climb

    2 sexy men enjoying some jellies !


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