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Thread: MADMTB presents MAX-XC!

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    hey - big thanks to O.C. Tuning and Cycle Surgery for the prize sponsorships today, also to Niall Davis, and Noel at Monster Energy for providing Rossco's wet dream,
    and special thanks to two heroes of Irish MTB - Sean Herlihy and Richie Byrne for the advice and encouragement which really helped me drive the poor members of MAD into making this event a reality when I had been told by others that it simply would never happen on 3rock

    think we might hang onto that generator & PA lads, we need some tunes on that Rock n Roll trail section - thanks
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    oh - and Fred Davis who owns that field - he said he was delighted to see people out biking enjoying themselves, nice

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    Paddy D8 Guest


    how did the teams finish up ? tks

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    After biking up there since 1985, I really enjoyed myself today, Puts a smile on myself to see so many new people enjoying this great sport, The MAD crew did the Oldest MTB club proud, And organisation was perfect, The new trails are super, Looking forward to riding them very soon, I felt like a pillock going off coarse for 20mins the second time this year since the DTC, But I was not alone with 2 other sheep followers, Suppose I got more for my money. Had great battle with Silvia decending from the 3rocks on the 2nd half and trying to hold her up the climb to the Aerials. Great atmosphere today with no complaints apart from "I thaught Richie would have been Quicker ??"

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    oh you're all so feckin funny !! somebody actually said to me.." the pain is nearly over !!" and lets not forget the priceless remark from some lad when i rode over him in the singletrack " I'll get you back on the fireroad !!" even though i never saw him again..
    it was deadly seeing two legends cycling along together at the crossroads at 3 old fat legend Rory Walsh and a young attractive legend, Silvia Gallagher..
    i was touched in the heart I was !!

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    Sounds like a magnificent event, well done MAD and Fergal for doing something different and doing it so well.
    Zoop de jour.

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    Well done MAD, that was a fantastic event, and on 3rock as well! Brilliant. The organisation and amount of work that went into digging and marshalling and taping out the course was huge. The course was fantastic, unfortunatley I didn't see all of it due to a rather ambitious head stand!! The tea and sandwiches at the finish area were a very welcome sight. Well done again to everyone in MAD and Fergal in particular. John.
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    Luke Guest


    What a day! MAD really pulled it off! Fair Play! Looking forward to going back and riding those trails again..
    And I won a prize! Need to see if the Cycle Surgery can sort me out with a frame for 25 quid...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paddy D8 View Post
    how did the teams finish up ? tks
    I have some manual sheets to check Paddy but I can tell you that you were on the winning team! :D
    along with Rory Walsh, Mark Kenny, Alan Cody and I've to find the 5th member of your team (if there was one)
    We'll get ye your medals asap

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    Paddy D8 Guest


    ha ha lol class stuff


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