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Thread: Chuchlainn Off Road Tri

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    Superted Guest

    Default Chuchlainn Off Road Tri

    Look s like the McCabes are running their off road Tri again this year - Basic details are on

    Saturday, 4th July, 2009 - 400m Swim, 12k Cycle, 8k Run

    It was a great race last year, swim was very short, which is ideal for weaker swimmers or anybody just wanting to have a go. Good bike route, straight up the savage road climb out the back of the town (Not the marathon route) and onto the never ending fireroad of boredom, then onto nice singletrack trails.The run was straight up the mountain on fireroad then straight back down...Would be good to see a few epic heads racing it... anyone interested.? Byrner??

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    it doesn't clash with anything !! halleluiah !! i'm there..anybody else on my team ?

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    Superted Guest


    Well Ill defo be racing myself....Gerry MCCabe ran away with it last year, I was second......Im looking for revenge.

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    ah bollocks its not the CLEC..Thats on the 11th..still i'm up for it ..
    Stoobert , what about you ?

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    Fat Fecker Guest


    I'll be down under.... gone for the entire month of july.... and some of june.
    Yee ha.

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    snack_ie Guest


    ill be doing it again too... also richie - excuse my ignorance but who is the club secretary - was just wondering if they got my licence yet of cycling Ireland?

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    Al is the club secretary !

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    Basil Fawlty Guest


    I would do another CLEC.


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