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Thread: Sorrento CC XC NPS no 2

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    Default Sorrento CC XC NPS no 2

    Who's going ?

    Ballinastoe Woods Co Wicklow
    Underagers starting at 11.00ish i'd say, info is a bit thin on the ground.
    We have several new people who could make a serious dent in the Sports category. lets see you there.
    If you have not raced before ever, my advice to you is to race sports, otherwise you just might get a shock, unless you've been on a supersavage fast spin with an experienced racer, you just won't know what you are getting in to.
    This is not like the Djouce Trail Challenge.
    and in the sports there will be no point thinking i'll hang back and make up time later..
    you only have two laps..that won't happen..
    make sure your bike is 100% and don't kid yourself saying you are entering for fun..nobody races for fun. Race to collect scalps and crush your enemies and hear the lamentations of their women !!
    Simples !!

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    I'll be there - "racing for fun", "hanging back" but probably not "making up time later"! Really I'm just in secret training for the ultimate challange - "THE EPIC CLUB RACES"!!

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    I knew there was a reason I liked you !!!

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    Had been half thinking about doing it but don't really have a suitable bike now the hardtail has gone..

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    SHAM Guest


    You can have mine if I have it back this week. No excuses

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    Feck, should have kept my mouth shut!!! Em, think my cleats on my shoes aren't compatible with your pedals. Is that a good excuse??

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    No excuses !!

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    al Guest


    also thinking of doing it. Us tuesday night people should do it for the crack and take the piss out of all the serious sports bangers. Maybe stop and have a picnic if its a nice day

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    Al, have you received my licence from Cycling Ireland yet? I'm clutching at straws here??

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    I have it !!


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