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Thread: hi to all...and a few questions to start

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    opentarget Guest


    ye, makes sense really but its still a hard call, ill see what kind of stuff people are selling.

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    MadMike Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by The_Happy_Fairy View Post
    I know the one, I Reckon Rob was wasted as a southsider, would have been a deadly northsider, probably still would have been wasted, but sure what can you do
    Yeah have to agree with you on that, maybe we could make him an honoury northsider. As for being wasted, dont knock it till you have tried it:eek:

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    opentarget Guest


    any thoughts on the specialized rockhopper disk? cycleways sell it for just under 900...good or crap deal/value? mostly good reviews online. ill still keep my eyes open for second hand bikes.

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    SHAM Guest


    That is a great starter bike but think hard about what you're paying. Like someone said earlier go 08 or second hand. The savings to be had are huge. Check this out.

    That works out at 572 and if you are clever don't pay the VAT at point of sale and save a further 17% ish.

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    The_Happy_Fairy Guest


    Also have a look here, you can sort the bike section by price and some of the bikes are very good value:

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    opentarget Guest


    thanks, works over for the weekend. have a good one!

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    bazzjazz Guest


    I was in your position recently and went for 2nd hand and am very happy.

    If you buy from someone on this forum or the MAD forum (wear your shades) you are probably going to be fine.

    Got mine from Gav and am very happy with it, Giant xtc 2.5 for about 500-550 and in great nick. Never get anything like that new for that price.

    Anyway I'll probably want a full sus in a year or so and will definitely prefer well looked after 2nd hand to new (unless I win the lotto).


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    Fat Fecker Guest

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    al Guest


    most of the clearance models are on odd sizes its rare to get a medium or large frame on a special offer. If youre a midget or really tall your usually laughing but if your a regular joe its hard to get a good deal. There was a time when distributors and manufacturers would be clearing out tons of bikes at the end of the year to the shops and the shops would pass on the deals. Over the last few years theres been less and less of these offers comming through particularly in common sizes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by al View Post
    If youre a midget or really tall your usually laughing
    - Yeah I got a 14" (xs) Kona Blast for e400 two years ago from these guys They sometimes do good bargains in Konas - you might want to have a looksee


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