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Thread: hi to all...and a few questions to start

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    ShaneO Guest


    I've had some second hand Kona hartails over the years. very solid and fast bikes. good stiff frames and a decent set of front shocks and you should have no worries. did me grand for years. also Id suggest a second hand bike. more bang for your buck.

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    opentarget Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by Alfie View Post
    anyone that knows its late night shopping on a thursday is not going to make it as a mountainbiker.
    just get yourself i nice dress instead love!
    and what makes you think i dont have one/some already, im prety sure my posts dont suggest im not a female and im sure dresses have very little to do with my ability or inability to "make it" as a mountainbiker!

    and anyone who dosnt know its late night shopping on a thursday is thick as f**k anyway...i bet you knew it was to!?
    if not see above statement.

    @ShaneO, thanks for the recommendation. ill have a look around see if anyone's selling...unless you know of a good deal going?

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    Mr Target...don't be offended by comments or slagging on here..this is EPIC after all..
    just slag back..
    Theres no point in coming on here and not expect to get abuse at some stage. Theres plenty of sensible information in this thread. Check that out, and as you are new here you probably don't know that tracksuit, like all Committee members of EPIC, is a confirmed Transvestite..

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    opentarget Guest


    ahh im not offended and understand that i completely walked myself into the line of abuse with my thursday night is shopping night comment.i might as well have walked around with my wrists flailing in the wind and a dress hitched up to my waist displaying my hairy hoop....wont happen again

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    PAULO Guest


    come on Folks mr. opentarget is a newbie. and the fact of the matter is that any person would rather be shouted at or muscled off the trail in ballinastoe then abused on a forum where there is F all way of defending yourself without loads more abuse.

    and mr. opentarget, take the abuse* because this is the home of abuse*. my defence of you may well result in LandRover tyre treads all over my 'delicate' body.

    Get a bike and hit the trails and then u get respect.

    I think Homer said it best:
    "First u get the sugar, then u get the power, then u get the women"

    *for abuse read 'messssssin'

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    opentarget Guest


    thanks paulo....homer is very wise!

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    ShaneO Guest


    Hey open.....

    just saw this on
    cindercone is a decent model - a bit old school though . worth a look for the price its going at so far.|240%3A1318

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    opentarget Guest


    thanks ill give it a look.

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    PAULO Guest


    Anytime. this lot smell fresh meat or a free spirit and there all over you like a new batch of mattocks in B&Q. You will inderstand when ur older.

    get the most money you can and get a nice bike like richie or 1 of the lads said. no matter what bike you get your gonna want to/need to get a new 1 12-18 months down the line. it's an addiction. I have been chasing the multi link, adjustable low speed compression, propedal, bolt on stem, fresshly resparayed dragon for many a year now!

    Its deadly

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    ShaneO Guest


    thats in the uk so don't forget the conversion. - also be sure your getting the right size frame. Im 5.10 and found the 18" with a long seat stem worked a treat. - thats great for learning as you can lower the saddle when some of the technical stuff is tough and you feel a little unstable.


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