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Thread: hi to all...and a few questions to start

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    Default hi to all...and a few questions to start

    Hi everyone,
    New to the forum and new (so new i havnt started) to mountain biking.
    i have a folder that i use to cycle around the city but even going down a curb feels like the bike will come apart on me, i really enjoy cycling but flying around the city is hardly what i call fun so i really want to get into mountain biking!
    i want to do something thats good for me and fun at the same time. i used to skate when i was younger and am sorely missing the buzz and fun i used to get from it.
    im a bit unfit but not close to death or anything so i recon i can build up stamina as i go.
    im looking to buy a decent beginners bike if anyone can recommend one(my budget is not massive...5 to 600 maybe? id be willing to stretch if it was worth it), and then maybe head out on some light beginner cycles if anyone can point me in the right direction?

    much appreciated!
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