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Thread: hi to all...and a few questions to start

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    Sorry, just saw size now, might know someone interested. I'll get back to you..

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    Apologies in advance for prolonging the agony any further but ............ I was our with Niall Davis this morning and he's riding a really nice KTM - hardtail - Shimano Disc brakes - sub €700 - he really likes it (but I suppose he couldn't really say anything else) - got to be worth a look - Cycle Inn!

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    and just to prolong things further, try a felt q720, i picked one up for 600 sterling. sorry.

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    opentarget Guest


    looks perfect!
    those pics are representation of the condition its in now?
    how would i go about getting this off you?

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    opentarget Guest


    sorry to drag this mess out of the depths again but hear me out.
    i didnt get a bike yet(i spent the money on something else) so am waiting till the end of next week to get my 09rockhopper disk.
    now in the time between last post and now i have been using a friends 07 rockhopper to start getting this flab off and love it so happy days.
    but i have just saw that a 07 specialized P all mountain has gone on sale for a not so bad price. is it totally to much for a first mtb bike?
    just say yes or know and then the moderators can kill the thread if they want.
    ps dont ban me please...i quite like this forum!

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    Pete Guest


    it's a jump / street bike get the rockhopper and some medication for your ADD

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    opentarget Guest


    i already have the meds. thanks man...i did take your advice in the end it just took 2weeks of torment, good advice it was to :)


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