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Thread: MTB holiday insurance

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    Gar Guest

    Default MTB holiday insurance

    any recommendations?

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    Zoop de jour.

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    al Guest


    the aa covers you as long as its not for competition. I think or something like that will cover you for competition. they do insurance for off piste skiing etc and where covering people for the mega avalanche

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    ColinB Guest


    If you are a VHI member they do a multitrip insurance thing for 49, covers you for the year

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    For MTB specific, can't beat

    You are actually covered for adventure sports etc.

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    Zen_ Guest

    Default (all the adds on the radio) do good value cover including mtb cover wintersports etc if you want it. Discounts for having private health insurance, not needing cover in the States etc. From memory I got a worldwide annual policy including mbt and all other class 1 and 2 hazardous activities plus wintersports cover for about 60 bills-you cant go wrong.


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