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    That was a deadly... Some real talent out there.
    dispite the crap weather, a fair few turned out. best part of 40, I reckon...
    I expected whingin' and snots and tears, but all seemed to have a great time. the younger bunch faced their fears, and came out the other side. Riders of the day for me was Lewis, who punched above his weight(he's only 5.) and the girl on the pink specialised. I thought I was the only person cool enough to ride a pink spec.... She tried everything. had a few soft spills, but kept trying... well done.
    Karl headed the older group... I assume they got on alright, as they seemed happy at the end. I'm sure he'll tell more..
    Well done Richie (& Carol, Bon, Skippy...etc).
    and watch out Banbridge....

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    lewis is only 5, what a legend...and the girl on the Pink Specialized was Ailish..she was with the Lad on the piece of crap , no brakes, gears wouldn't change, and he had no grips..
    I have had whingers complain to me that its too hard going out with the fast lads..these kids would shame you..
    The Sprockkids were giving me socks going up the road..
    The tiniest guy Joe, told us it was nearly the best day of his life ..


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