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Thread: Blast accomodation

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    Stan Guest

    Default Blast accomodation

    Ya ya, ye knew this was coming.

    Where would a fine gentleman like myself find a pillow to rest his head in wicklow? The twist is that i have the missus and the dog with me and its for friday and saturday night. Dont mind driving a bit to ballinastoe in the morning but want somewhere half decent, self catered preferably but not that fussy.

    Anyone know of such a place or am i just dreaming?

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    skippy Guest


    Try here not far from trails.. and i believe they are reasonable..dont know about the dog thing.

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    jeebus i've been offered a 9 bed house beside Ballinastoe for the Weekend, real cheap..let me get back to you..

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    Stan Guest


    Found a place in that far from Ballinastoe?

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    Fat Fecker Guest


    'bout 30mins

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    Newtownmountkennedy in only 15mins away and on the N11, has a nice new hotel.

    The dog may be a problem, he may need his own room, why are you bringing a dog? Sure he'll be grand in the back garden with a few opened tins of dog food...
    Zoop de jour.

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    skippy Guest


    Stan you will defo need to bring a full face helmet and body armour for you and the dooog..
    I dont know which is harder on the body the Blast OR Newtown..HA

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    You are right, you should stay with Skippy, he can entertain with you with his banjo and 24 chillens, and if you ask nicely he may show you his six toes.

    Zoop de jour.


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