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Thread: Sunday Morning Digging

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    skippy Guest

    Default Sunday Morning Digging

    As the evenings are nearly fooooked and the Blast is nearly upon us I am heading for blast digging/tweeking sunday morning 830am for a few hours if anyone is up for it. Heading up to finish Team Big Holes Section where tools USED to be. I will need a mattock, shovel, rake and a bucket which i will steal for bottom section we worked on saturday..i will return them when finished.

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    al Guest


    the bottom section is pretty much finished so work away with the tools. The handle on my shovel might be a bit dodgy as we where doing some hardcore rock moving and i heard a bit of a cracking noise coming from it. Myself and mark aren't around this weekend.

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    Basil Fawlty Guest


    I will probably head out for some work on the alternative lines in the first section of trees. Followed by some bedding in work (i.e. riding the trail a couple of times).

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    skippy Guest


    New Jump now sorted and i wee bit of deschloomping done..also built up the berm a little more as El President nearly lost his life there Saturday ...The new Jump was tested by one of Fergals savages yesterday "Thanks didnt get name" and is well rollable if your "bent" enough. Inanyways ride that section and let me know if theres anything needs changing. The small little climb up out off the patio is a little soft but i imagine your all hardcore enough to manage it.

    I left some tools up there a mattock, shovel, rake and bucket which iv taken from Marks new berms at the bottom section before the car park if your looking for them.

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    Sorry about that Skippy, its Steve here. Was still a bit confused after all of Fergal's directions. That jump would ride really well with a bit of speed alright.

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    skippy Guest


    I know you Steve.. seen you saturday but it has been changed abit since then.. it was another Mad Head yesterday i was useing as a test pilot.. nice fella all Fergals Disciples are.

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    feed Guest


    Hey Skippy, was that you on the Morewood that myself and Liam met in the upper wooded section ?

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    Basil Fawlty Guest


    Course is in great shape now. The top section through the dark trees now has two basically independent lines, from 5 m inside the fence to Fergal's berm - you can take either or switch between them as you like, in one place it's shoulder to shoulder if there's a rider on the other line too. Might make for some good comedy. Someone keep Alfie and Alan Clogher apart along here...

    Anyway out of digging for the time being as I made a bollix of my hand in a silly little crash yesterday. Outstretched hand, land on sharp rock, slices straight through glove and a goodly portion of hand - internals hanging out, not pretty. Thanks to Eamonn O'Reilly for the first aid and the nice people in Vincent's for the clean-up and putting it back together. Hope to be riding again in time for the Blast.

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    Luke built that berm...

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    skippy Guest


    Not me there in the shadows you will never see me.. You might occasionally see me enter there in an icecream van.
    Much to the disgust of most I might add.. have you ever heard a Gooober growl its very funny..also the way mtberz look at you when you arrive to there patch on a spacehopper...priceless. Its very similar to the way King Walker looks at Alfie..


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