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Thread: No more front derailleurs ?

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    Quillo Guest

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    now..heres the thing, enter The Blast or cease posting your drivel on the forum..i've had enough of your techiephile're a bad replacement for Pschycholist..

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    Quillo Guest


    No time for any of that organised stuff....
    Encourages too many folk into the woods.

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    Basil Fawlty Guest


    Quite clever really, a planet gear mechanism built into the inside of the chainring - not that unlike the old Sturmey Archer 3 speed gear (which was the same idea, but built into the rear hub).

    Perhaps in time these guys may come up with a truly robust, lightweight and low cost compound planetary rear wheel gearing system to work with this thing on the front and there will be no need for derailleurs anymore. And thus no more wretched bloody mech hangers.

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    Forget that ****, we'll be waiting, I'm still waiting for that Jet Pack that was used in the Olympics to become available, I hope they make one that runs on diesel.

    Zoop de jour.


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