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Thread: XC trails or Dirt Jumps in Omagh

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    Default XC trails or Dirt Jumps in Omagh

    Hey foloks im gonna be up in Omagh for 2-3weeks working mon-fri so i was wondering if there are any decent dirt jumps and/or XC trails close to the town. closer the better so i dont get lost or miss my hotel dinners in the eve.

    any info will keep the fatness as bay(slightly)

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    try those trails will be local to them.

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    You should get out to the Gortin Glens, about 10mins out of Omagh. There are a number of purpose built XC trails, 3 different colour coded grades and a new downhill track. Theres also plenty of other stuff if you know where to look, I'd advise trying the mtbrider site for any organised spins and also the Community centre in Gortin town for a free maps of the area. Good luck!!

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    I've heard about the trails in Gortin Glen before. Can anyone tell me if they are worth a trip up from Dublin for? How do they compare to the man-made Coillte trails or the ones in Scotland?

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    They are certainly worth a go if you are in the area but in my opinion if travelling from Dublin I would go to the Mournes rather than Gortin...


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