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Thread: custom decals or stickers

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    hair1(eoin) Guest

    Default custom decals or stickers

    hey does anyone know where i can get them made up in dublin?

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    SHAM Guest


    Multisigns 018353598, think the number is still good. If not he's in the book

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    Fat Fecker Guest



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    al Guest


    stuart would you be able to do some custom boxxer decals if i send you the vector files of what i want?


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    Basil Fawlty Guest


    Eoin, talk to Stewart, he won't see you wrong. Where do you think I got that fine bicycle you're currently minding for me? Just don't ask for a can of Whup-ass for a shock - he has that one patented.

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    Fat Fecker Guest


    No probs Al. Email me what you have, I can redraw if not workable.

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    al Guest


    haven't got it done yet but will give you a shout when i have.

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    hello Mr Fecker
    do you also do banners/flags like you'd see at the Nationals/K-Cap races etc....?

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    Fat Fecker Guest


    yep. Signs are to me what cabbage is to Transporter. Feckin experts we are...

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    nice one, I'll PM ya for a qoute...
    Dark Horse Mulchrone is on the cabbage eh,
    I knew he was on something...too fast for EPO....
    though he must get awful wind, god love him


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