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Thread: EPIC at the Blitz

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    John Damage Guest

    Default EPIC at the Blitz

    Well done Beth 1st lady & 2nd overall at Ballyhoura Blitz on sunday.

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    Well done Betty.

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    i think Kevin Conlon was in a team in the Beast as well..any more resuts there, did Ion proton race, did he win ?

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    ColinB Guest


    I heard....

    Paul Mahon's team were first

    Eoin Keiths team were second

    Kev Conlon's team were third

    Fair play to them all, savages

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    Eoin Keiths team was second..that means he has to eat his team mates

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    Enduro Guest


    Yup, that's all correct and right

    Very big congrats to Kev Conlon. He's come a long way in the adventure racing world, and he put in his best performance yet over the weekend. His team was captained by Brian Keogh, well known terroriser of big brother Paul.

    There was a lot of great racing out there, and the course was even better than last year, which is saying something. It started at 3am on Saturday morning, and by saturday evening it was like we had been on some kind mad stag weekend on steroids, having run up and down the knockmeldowns near the Vee, cycled from there, past the race organsier's upturned jeep stuck in a big gully, to the mitchelstown caves, run through them to get a new map, cycled on to the galtees, orienteered through a nice forest on the low slopes, climbed and runover the highest points of the Galtees, abseiled down a waterfall, cycled over some roads and fireroads to get in some good ol' shotgun shooting (at clays), cycled over for another surprise event which turned out to be 9mm pistol shooting (woohooo!) (at fixed targets this time), cycled over forets and farmland and then to a classic country pub to transition to more woodland orienteering, and then cycled over to the MTB centre in the Ballyhouras.... ran outa there to do a walk/run section around the ballyhouras in the setting sun, back to the Centre to pick up the bikes again and do the brown-white loops by night, cycled back out of the centre, up the mast high up on the ballyhouras, followed by an early morning blast downhill all the way to donneraile where we dropped the bikes and did a quick line orienteering section. Then into the Sit-on-tops for an absolute blast of a combat-kayaking section down the swollen fast moving river down past castletown roche, through hanging branches (strainers), tree trunk stretching out accross the river, the odd rapid, a few wiers and all sorts of fun and games. Nearly everyone got chucked out of their boat at some stage. Finished off with a quick run back to the castle at castletownroche and the finish line. About 32 hours on the course overall.

    Oh yeah, then the afterrace food and party that evening, until you drop.

    Not a bad day out!

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    i can't believe you were 2nd and I also can't believe you got the horn over 9mm Pistol haven't had the horn of El dorado until you've fired .50cal or 105mm Howitzer..
    yeah well done to Kev..great result..
    Brian keogh is also honorary is Sean Murray..
    I'd love to have a go next year..

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    Hey Eoin, I can't believe you let Willie Rock beat you...mind you if theres anybody more savage than him, i'd run for my life !!

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    Enduro Guest


    Apparently he aced both the shooting sections... surprise surprise :)

    He's a great lad. I don't think most people realise just how hardcore he is, 'cause he seems so quiet.

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    theres a funny group photo of Kev Conlon on the Ballyhoura website..i'm going to have to do some serious running over the Winter


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