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Thread: All hail Eamo and the Cyclesuperstore

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    Default All hail Eamo and the Cyclesuperstore

    Some of you may know I broke my Carbon lapierre last week, well its been replaced without any hassle .
    All i did was send them a photo of the crack and my serial number and a new frame was shipped. Its also an 09 model.
    So fair play to the shop and everybody involved.
    Cheers Richie

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    Just so I understand, your sent them a picture of your crack and they sent you a new frame. I think that is called extortion with menace.
    Zoop de jour.

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    Lucky you... I cracked my XTC. Sent pictures to the shop in England. Then had to send the frame. Then had to send the fork, stem, bar and headset and am now waiting. All at my expense and no communication from them without me ringing them....

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    Weird, I thought Giant were good at this stuff, Oscar just got a new frame without much hassle....
    Zoop de jour.

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    buy local can't beat the Cyclesuperstore, the Bike rack or the Cycle Bazaar i mean Inn..
    Don, thats classic..Steve , do you want me to send a picture of my crack to that shop..or better yet..a picture of my crack and eamos...side by side..though i think I'll keep that picture for Extorting a Helicopter from the helicopter superstore..
    why can't any thread on this forum stay serious..its like the Monty Python show of internerd forums..

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    and it was a hairline crack too! waa-heeeyyy! ker-boomm!!!
    - oh god that makes the mental image of the pair of crackers even worse...

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    Black stuff was comin out of my crack after Id washed the bike....not good at all to have black stuff comin out of yer crack

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    I'm a patient person... I'll give them another couple of days before I start sending close ups of black hairy cracks. Hope I hear from them by Monday....... for their sake!


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