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Thread: Electric shifters

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    I was one of those clowns with the "Ghetto Blaster", Milleta (not shiny) tracksuit and 10' x 10' roll of lino. Head spins were my thing and no-handed Windmills......what a bender....jaysus

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    go on! I bet you thought you were the sheee-it when you were in full flow, head spins & no-handed windmills? we should get you drunk in Palmers some thursday and polish the floor....
    what was your tag Oz? every good breaker had a tag, bet you were called Zip-Zap or Bionic-Bop or something deadly....

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    No way, way to cool for a tag but our "crew" did have a name, cant remember it least I wouldn't put it up here in anyways....I get enough abuse as it is!

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    oh yeah I knew i'd seen you before


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