View Poll Results: Are they ruining mountainbiking ?

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  • Yes, it used to be great craic waiting ages for gob****es to fix holes

    6 19.35%
  • No, i like hanging around the mountains stroking rubber

    5 16.13%
  • Yes, I like being anally stupid about rolling resistance

    4 12.90%
  • No, reduced rolling resistance gives me the horn of El Dorado

    16 51.61%
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Thread: Tubeless tyres

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    Default Tubeless tyres

    Should they be banned ?

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    Fat Fecker Guest


    never heard of them. what are they?

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    "The horn of El Dorado"

    Is that a good thing?

    "Rolling resistance"??? Is that when your skins get kinda damp and wont stick or something......

    Im going back to

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    you're much better off not knowing, its safer that way..

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    at my age any horn is a good one, as Billy Connolly would say..

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    Fat Fecker Guest


    wheels without tubes... what the feck do you fix when you get a puncture? cars have tubeless, and have to carry a spare wheel because you can't fix them.
    christ... Do I have to carry spare wheels?
    stupid.... Feckin stupid idea...

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    no..its worse than put a load of wood glue into the tyre and then if you get a puncture the glue fills the hole, but not before it sprays up in the air all over the arse of the rider in front of you !!
    Dolphins are attracted to it and end up eating it..which plugs their blow holes and the poor feckers suffocate !!

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    yitzak Guest


    Unless you are in a cross country race why would it matter?
    a good set of " ply tyers will do the job. schwalbe space do the job and have never gone
    flat, i cant say the same as most big brand tyers. tubless is all in the mind.

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    al Guest


    The Horn of ElDorado is some band Fergal and Basil listened to when they where young.

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    peepholes, this has to stop, does nobody care about the Dolphins anymore..this is worse than Lisbon and Global Warming !!


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