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Thread: Dislocated shoulder

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    Dislocated my right Knee 3 times, Once up the top of cloon wood when mtb'ing, Had to relocate it myself and hobbled back down to where an ambulance took me to the ER, Each time recovery was atleist 6 weeks before I started cycling again, Have patients and get it fixed properly once, Trust me you don't want repeat episoids. Get well soon.

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    gordob Guest


    hey just remembered i got acupuncture aswell as physio on the RH shoulder.
    same guy based in manor street; seemed to work cause it hasnt poped out since...touch wood.
    can forward details if you want to give it a go...cant remember details at this second?.

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    yitzak Guest


    yes i would be intreted can you pm me the info

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    gordob Guest


    hey fella, hows that shoulder?
    did you go to mark with it?.

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    yitzak Guest


    Im going to the physio twice a week and waitin for a scan to see if i have a frozen shoulder because i still dont have much movment in it, but i will check out the acupucture.I have to get back to work.


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