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Thread: found a bikerack

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    Default found a bikerack

    yes folks ..some loonatic drove off with his bike sellotaped to his car because we found his rack in the field..
    if its yours let me know you might get it this decade..

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    andyn Guest

    Default Bike rack

    Hey Richy

    I've been told you found the bike rack I tried to hide away whilst I fetched the car up at the Djouce race. If you haven't got bored with it and chucked it out I wouldn't mind grabbing the rack back sometime that works for you. Or alternativly if you want to conceal it someplace any time you are out for a spin and I'll grab it that way.

    My email address is if you want to let me know.



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    good man Andy, I will tie it to the back of the landrover and drag it around the country..its actually very safe in my shed..I will throw it into the above landrover and give it to you when ever you are about..or let me know if you will be at any of the races left in the season and I'll bring it with me..
    Cheers Richie

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    Pete Guest


    jesus Richie I though you knew the country code, leave gates as you find them, don't **** sheep, don't steal peoples concealed bikeracks and then feel guilty about it afterwards.

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    guilt is a luxury I cannot afford..besides it was handed in, along with 900 waterbottles,several hats and a dog ..I'm nearly sure by one of the Stormtroopers of ODD..I also have a Giro Hex ..a horrible looking helmet ...if its anybodys let me know..also, somebody stole the MAt from the back of my landrover..return it or no good will ever come of it..'re from The Gulag..don't be lecturing me on right and wrong ..

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    andyn Guest


    nice one thanks richy! I'll try and get my fat & lazy ass to one of the Lycra races.


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    hey, do you live near me ? I'm in Dun laoghaire..if you PM me your address I'll drop it in to your house..

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    andyn Guest


    no am in the northern wastelands of Clontarf. Am heading out for a club spin on Sunday from Lambs cross at 9:45 if you are up that way for your spin or could call around to you afterwards.

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    we're meeting at the gala shop for 10.00 so i'll bring it up and hand it over..the dog has been shagging it for weeks now..

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    andyn Guest


    great the added glue with hopefully hold the bike on better than it did before!

    see you sunday


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